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Illustration by Karen Lewis. Copyright Grandmother Fish, used by permission. In the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to review and comment on what seems to be a very unusual if not unique venture—a “first book of evolution” designed for children in the toddler to preschool age range. This is Grandmother Fish (referred to NCSE by Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer), which you can read about here

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Last week on Fossil Friday, I presented some not-so-tiny toes with some pretty big hints. I said that the fossil was found in what is now Utah, and it dates back to the Jurassic. There was a lot of debate in the comments section, including a  discussion of dinosaur gang colors (I don't want to know...)

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With Cosmos’ thirteenth episode, “Unafraid of the Dark,” Neil deGrasse Tyson brings to conclusion his extraordinary re-imagining of Carl Sagan’s groundbreaking series. Tyson’s brilliant presentations, rich in detail while always clear and comprehensible, have done a great service to the public understanding of science. Over the last few months, the intellectual wasteland of American popular culture was briefly illuminated with this surprising display of science.

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This week on the Fossil Friday. I answer a special request from last week’s winner, Gerald Wilgus. Gerald thought we’ve had too many invertebrates lately, and maybe we should throw the vertebrate people a bone—no pun intended!

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William Jennings Bryan (1902)

There are probably better motivations for reading William Jennings Bryan’s In His Image (1922) than wanting to avoid unpacking boxes, but needs must when the devil drives.

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This post was written by Stephanie Keep and Peter Hess.

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Milestone 8 on the Upper Boston Post Road in Harvard Square, via Wikimedia Commons

The Discovery Institute’s Evolution News and Views blog was recently pleased that there are now five hundred reviews on for Stephen C. Meyer’s screed Darwin’s Doubt (2013). I don’t begrudge the anonymous author his or her pleasure.

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Last week on Fossil Friday, I gave you a fickle footprint fossil to figure out. What could have left those tiny impressions?

Turns out it was a prehistoric spider!

Wired magazine has the scoop:

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In which I go to England and am inspired to inject some optimism—and clotted cream—into the climate change discussion.