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Last week, I told you that you’d all recognize this specimen once I told you what it was, and I stand by that. Meet Deinonychus.

Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

You don’t recognize the name? Or the skull? Well, do you recognize this foot?

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The Apollo 10 crew: Gene Cernan, John Young, Tom StaffordThe Apollo 10 crew, credited as the fastest people in history.
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This week’s fossil will be familiar, I’m sure, to all of you once it’s revealed. As presented here, however, it is perhaps not obvious to most of you. I’m being cryptic, I know… so here’s a hint: I’m feeling thematic, so this week’s fossil is in some way connected to last week’s

Have you figured it out yet?

Catch you Monday!

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NCSE’s Science Booster Clubs are off to a great start in 2016. We now have clubs operating at four locations: our original club in Iowa City, as well as three new clubs in West Branch, Cedar Rapids, and Clear Creek Amana. Membership is growing, and so is community enthusiasm. We have fun science events on the calendar from January to June throughout our region. And momentum is building—we’ve connected with more people in the last week than we did in our first four months (and our first four months weren’t too shabby)!

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title page of The Other Side of Evolution

There is nothing particularly odd, I suppose, about the fact that opposition to evolution sometimes runs in families. Henry M. Morris, the father of modern creation science, was also the father of John D. Morris and Henry M. Morris III, president emeritus and chief executive officer, respectively, of the Institute for Creation Research. The flamboyant young-earth creationist Kent Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism is the father of Eric Hovind of Creation Today. The young-earth creationist and “intelligent design” promoter Paul Nelson of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture is the grandson of Byron C. Nelson, a young-earth creationist of the Scopes era. Along with the young-earth creationist Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis also reportedly employs a whole crowd of his relatives and in-laws. Doubtless there are further examples. As I say, there is nothing particularly odd, or discreditable for that matter, about it. So perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised by the two Pattersons.

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President Obama, wearing a kipper (why not), walks past props from the moon landing that was totally a hoax to perpetuate the myth of a round Earth. From a NASA image, with help from @darth.
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I’m often approached by teachers looking for new ways to connect their students to climate change. Sure there are lessons and videos galore through groups like the CLEAN network, but what about books that are engaging and, most importantly, age-appropriate? That becomes a trickier task, particularly as middle school and elementary teachers try to find new ways to engage their students.

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florida under waterA recent article in The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Siege of Miami,” details disturbing consequences of sea level rise in Florida. The future will bring higher seas, but we normally think of climate change consequences happening nearer to the year 2100, an arbitrary target used by many climate models.

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When writing up the Fossil Friday post last week, I was tempted to give a clue, but then thought better of it. You guys don’t need clues, right? Plus the clue I wanted to Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University