What We Do

NCSE promotes and defends accurate and effective science education, because everyone deserves to engage with the evidence.

For 36 years the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has worked to ensure evidence-based science is taught in public school science classrooms. Focused initially on preventing creationism from being taught alongside or instead of evolution, the organization added climate change to its mission in 2012 when it became clear that politicization of the topic was affecting how it was being taught.

NCSE is unique in its recognition that societally, but not scientifically, controversial topics are challenging to teach. For these topics, accuracy alone is not enough to change minds. NCSE helps train teachers and community volunteers in proven approaches that are effective in helping learners overcome even deeply held misconceptions. NCSE played a key role in several crucial legal battles that affirmed teaching creationism in public schools is unconstitutional and continues to help local communities block legislation and other efforts allowing or encouraging teachers to miseducate students on these critical topics.

NCSE Supports Teachers

  • Offers a free network, NCSEteach, that provides science teachers opportunities to learn from one another, access to vetted resources for teaching evolution and climate change, and advice on how best to address controversy in the classroom.

NCSE Organizes Local Communities

  • Trains and supports volunteers to run 13 science booster clubs in 12 states. At county fairs, farmers’ markets, school events and other venues, volunteers engage with tens of thousands of local residents through hands-on activities about climate change and evolution. These direct experiences with science helps normalize discussion of the topics.
  • Provides targeted action alerts to inform and organize NCSE members to protect science education in their towns and states.

NCSE Identifies and Blocks Threats to Science Education

  • Facilitates local community organizing in response to infringements on science education and, if necessary, provides expert legal testimony.
  • Reviews and provides feedback on science textbooks, curricula, and state science education standards.
  • Monitors local and state legislative bills threatening accurate science education – the only national organization with this unique focus.

Effective Outreach

  • NCSEteach supports more than 6,000 teachers with its helpful resources.
  • The Science Booster Club Program has served 126,000 participants at local events in the past year.
  • Trusted and sought out resource on science education issues by top media outlets.

Effective Advocacy

  • Played crucial role in the victory of the Kitzmiller v. Dover case, the 2005 federal court decision establishing the unconstitutionality of teaching “intelligent design” creationism.
  • Helped defeat six anti-science bills in state legislatures and supported efforts to safeguard quality science standards in eight states in 2017.

Respected by Scientific and Education Communities

  • Affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and associated with the National Science Teachers Association.

Broad and Diverse Funding

  • Funded through donations from members and grants from private foundations, such as the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund.