What We Do

NCSE promotes and defends accurate and effective science education, because everyone deserves to engage with the evidence.

Since 1981, the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has worked to ensure that what is taught in science classrooms and beyond is accurate and consistent with the best current understanding of the scientific community.

NCSE recognizes that well-established areas of science that are culturally controversial, in particular climate change and evolution, are challenging to teach. Many teachers avoid or water down their coverage of these topics out of fear of conflict. NCSE helps train teachers and community volunteers in approaches that have been proven to reduce conflict and help learners overcome even deeply held misconceptions about evolution and climate change. NCSE also helps local communities block legislation and other efforts that would result in the miseducation of students on these critical topics.

NCSE Supports Teachers

  • We offer a free network, NCSEteach, that provides over 6,000 science teachers opportunities to learn from one another, access to vetted resources for teaching evolution and climate change, and advice on how best to address social controversy in the science classroom.
  • Through our Teacher Ambassador Program, we train and support highly qualified teachers to develop evolution and climate change lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and to train their science educator peers in using those lessons in the classroom.

NCSE Engages Local Communities

  • Our Science Booster Club program trains and supports volunteers to engage local community members with hands-on activities about climate change and evolution at county fairs, farmers’ markets, school events, and other venues.
  • The Science Booster Club program also assists and coordinates local efforts to support local science education.

NCSE Identifies and Blocks Threats to Science Education

  • We review and provide feedback on science textbooks, curricula, and state science education standards.
  • We monitor local policies and state legislative bills threatening accurate science education — a unique focus of NCSE’s — and facilitate local community organizing in response.
  • We provide critical information and perspective to local, regional, and national media covering issues in science education.