One thing is clear: if we want the public to understand and appreciate the science of evolution and climate change, we better start supporting teachers. Some of our current initiatives include:

Classroom Resources: NCSE has a wealth of resources on teaching about socially contentious issues, including a unit of climate change lessons developed and vetted by our NCSE Teacher Ambassadors. The Classroom Resources section also includes a range of other helpful tips and strategies, from how to answer tough questions about evolution to how to testify at a school board meeting. Not finding what you need? Contact us and we'll help!

NCSEteach: NCSEteach is our first program developed just for educators. We recognize that teachers are at the forefront of science education. Without them we would have no doctors, no researchers, and no citizens with a love and devotion to the scientific enterprise. We also recognize that there can be numerous challenges to teaching evolution and climate change that teachers must navigate, from angry and confused students, teachers, and administrators to a lack of available professional development. Teachers have a hard job, and NCSE wants to help any way we can.

Scientist in The Classroom: NCSEteach’s marquee program brings scientists and teachers together to collaborate on presentations and activities. What better way to enhance your coverage of evolution or climate change than hearing from an expert trained to talk to your students?

Dealing with Denial: There is no scientific controversy about the basic facts of evolution or climate change, and yet they are often labeled as “controversial” subjects. Why? Because a vocal minority of people and special interests see evolution and climate change as threats to their personal worldview or priorities. At NCSE, our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn the science of evolution and climate change accurately, thoroughly, and uncompromisingly.