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Track the denialist NIPCC mailing

Around Halloween, thousands of science teachers, science professors, and graduate students received copies of a slick packet attacking climate science. A prominent climate change denial group sent teachers a booklet which mimics a real scientific report, and a cover letter slyly urging recipients to "use that work to inform your thinking—and your students—on this important issue."NIPCC mailing contents, including envelope, cover letter from Diane Carol Bast, "Climate Change Reconsidered II" booklet, and a postcard offering a chance to "Win $500" NCSE is tracking this mailing and working to ensure it doesn't harm science education, but we need your help.

Please fill out the Heartland Tracker below to let us know whether or not you got the packet (it looks like the one shown to the right), so we can track the spread of this misinformation.

The Heartland Institute, whose denial efforts have been funded by Big Tobacco and Big Oil, aim to cast doubt on scientific consensus on climate change. They even use the acronym "NIPCC" to mimic the name of the IPCC, which produces widely-respected  reports on the consensus of climate change science. Through this pseudoscholarly report, they hope to misinform teachers about the science, and lead them to see it as too controversial, too scary, to bother teaching.

This mailing undermines science education and subverts the strong and consistent guidance teachers increasingly receive from statewide science standards, textbooks, and professional societies: teach climate change throughout the curriculum.

Without your help, there's no way to track the reach of this misleading material or to prevent it from doing harm. Please fill out the form below so we can know who was targeted, and who escaped the mailing. Please also urge your friends and colleagues who may have been targeted to do the same?