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Stop the Virginia anti-science bill

Virginia's HB 207 would, if it becomes law, pose a grave threat to students and science education throughout the Old Dominion. This bill is based on legislation in other states which single out evolution, climate change, and other scientific topics as supposedly scientifically "controversial." If it passes, the bill could override the authority of local districts to establish clear curriculum, undercut teachers' ability to maintain classroom discipline, and rewrite the rules for science classes, all with the goal of opening the door to ideological and scientifically bankrupt attacks on evolution, climate change, and other mainstream sciences. This could open teachers and school districts to lawsuits, and would undermine the quality of the education the students receive.

Similar bills have been proposed and rejected in many states. Teachers, scientists, parents, and students have rallied against them, demanding accurate, honest, up-to-date science education. Rather than politically motivated controversy, they want science lessons to match the content of textbooks, state science standards, and the best guidance of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Teachers Association, and other leading science and education organizations.

Concerned Virginians must make their voices heard to ensure that, when legislators debate this bill, they do not open science classroom doors to political or religious indoctrination, nonscience, or bad science.

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