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Want to defend science education from the forces of denial? Get involved! NCSE’s work reaches as far as our members take it.

Action Alerts and Ongoing Campaigns: Keep track of the latest attempts to enact anti-science legislation and other challenges to good science education.

How To and Training: Battling with science deniers? Need to learn how to handle creationist students? Need to get informated about climate change? NCSE offers a range of online hands-on workshops aimed at teachers facing these issues.

Ask NCSE for Help: Have a problem with pushback against sound science education in your community?  School board or parents encouraging the teaching of creationism alongside evolution?  Climate change deniers trying to insert misinformation into your curriculum?  NCSE is here to help.

Start a Science Booster Club: Want to help raise money and show support for science education in your community?  Start a science booster club!

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