Why Intelligent Design Fails

edited by Matt Young and Taner Edis
New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2004. 238 pages.

In Why Intelligent Design Fails, a team of scientists — Taner Edis, Matt Young, Gert Korthof, David Ussery, Ian Musgrave, Alan Gishlick, Niall Shanks, Istvan Karsai, Gary Hurd, Jeffrey Shallit, Wesley Elsberry, Mark Perakh, and Victor Stenger — call on their expertise in physics, biology, computer science, and archaeology to examine "intelligent design". NCSE President Kevin Padian describes Why Intelligent Design Fails as "[a] terrific book that explores, fairly and openly, whether proponents of ID have any scientifically valid gadgets in their toolbox at all. ... Accessibly written throughout and an invaluable aid to teachers and scientists."