The Scopes Trial: A Photographic History

by Edward Caudill, Edward Larson, and Jesse Fox Mayshark
Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press, 2000. 88 pages.

At last, the opportunity to see the persons and places of the greatest trial of the century! The backdrop and the repercussions of the Scopes trial are ably discussed by Edward Caudill and Jesse Fox Mayshark, respectively, but the heart of the book is its wealth of documentary photographs, annotated by Edward Larson, the author of the definitive history of the Scopes trial, Summer for the Gods. (Library Journal comments, "The photographs and captions alone are worth the price, showing how the news coverage of the trial transformed a town and shamed a state.") Slim and elegant, The Scopes Trial: A Photographic History is simply irresistible.