Perspectives on an Evolving Creation

edited by Keith B. Miller
Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2003. 528 pages.

From the publisher: "According to the authors of this book, who explore evolutionary theory from a clear Christian perspective, the common view of conflict between evolutionary theory and Christian faith is mistaken. Written by contributors representing the natural sciences, philosophy, theology, and the history of science, this thought-provoking work is informed by both solid scientific knowledge and keen theological insight. The three sections of the book address (1) relevant biblical, historical, and scientific background, (2) the scientific evidence for an evolving creation, and (3) theological issues commonly raised in connection with evolution, including the nature of God's creative activity, the meaning of the miraculous, and the uniqueness of humankind." NCSE President Kevin Padian writes, "At last, a book written by evangelical Christians that shatters the myth of necessary conflict between creation and evolution. All Christians should read this book for instruction and perspectives on science that they can trust and think about. So should all scientists, Christian or not, who are interested in the practical rapprochement that is possible between science and religion."