The Panda's Black Box: Opening up the Intelligent Design Controversy

edited by Nathaniel C. Comfort
Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007. 165 pages.

In his introductory essay to The Panda's Black Box, the editor writes, "By all means, let us teach the controversy — but not in biology class. We need the tools of the humanities to peel away the rhetoric and the politics, to see what the controversy is really about. We must open the panda's black box." Accordingly, Michael Ruse discusses the argument from design and Edward J. Larson rehearses the legal history of the creationism/evolution controversy, while Scott F. Gilbert explains "Why Biologists Are Loath to 'Teach the Controversy'"; Jane Maienschein reflects on "Untangling Debates about Science and Religion"; and Robert Maxwell Young diagnoses "intelligent design" as "A Symptom of Metaphysical Malaise."