Naming our Ancestors: An Anthology of Hominid Taxonomy

by Eric W Meikle & Sue Taylor Parker
Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press, 1994. 254 pages.

In this anthology, the authors make "available a set of key documents in the literature of human evolution relevant to the history of hominid taxonomy and the discovery and naming of extinct hominid species." Naming Our Ancestors is a collection of fifteen essays, written from 1864 to 1986, that present a historical overview of paleoanthropology, plus four essays discussing changes in taxonomic practice since World War II. Papers were selected to present the full range of names given to hominid fossils and the theoretical principles underlying the naming practices. Several papers are difficult to obtain; some were translated into English for the first time for this volume, which offers depth missing from introductory textbooks and popular treatments.