Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

by Allene S. Phy-Olsen
Santa Barbara (CA): Greenwood Press, 2010. 171 pages.

Commending the book’s organization and annotated bibliography, reviewer Robert H. Rothman nevertheless complains of “the long and often irrelevant digressions” in the limited space of the book. While the discussion of the Scopes trial is good, Epperson v. Arkansas and Edwards v. Aguillard are not even mentioned, a serious omission. Many of the chapters are unfocused, and the discussion of theistic evolution is not coherently presented. Phy-Olsen “seems to accept some creationist arguments at face value, such as claims of gaps in the fossil records.” There are a variety of errors of fact, some of which Rothman diagnoses as either “cheap shots” or manifesting a lack of understanding.