Archaeological Fantasies: How Pseudoarchaeology Misrepresents the Past and Misleads the Public

edited by Garrett G. Fagin
London, UK: Falmer Press, 2006. 417 pages.

In his introduction to Archaeological Fantasies, Garrett G. Fagan writes, "Despite great advances in archaeology's investigative methods and modes of analysis — all grounded in vast quantities of verifiable evidence — a self-styled 'alternative' movement presents a nexus of often mutually exclusive and outrageous narratives as if they were viable substitutes for real knowledge about the past." The contributors to the volume — including Kenneth L. Feder, Bettina Arnold, Mary Lefkowitz, Norman Levitt, and Alan D. Sokal — examine and debunk such alternative archaeological narratives in their stimulating and engaging essays, both in a series of case studies and in a wider context.