Ancient Astronauts, Cosmic Collisions and Other Popular Theories About Man's Past

by William H. Stiebing Jr.
Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1984. 217 pages.

From the publisher: "This book critically evaluates many of these popular hypotheses about man's early history. It presents the most important evidence and arguments for and against theories of a universal flood, the lost continent of Atlantis, mysterious pyramid powers, pre-Columbian voyages to America by ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians, and Velikovsky's cosmic catastrophism. ... The book discusses radio-carbon dating, archaeological stratigraphy, textual interpretation, and epigraphy as well as emphasis on the proper use of data provided by geology, astronomy and other sciences. It is written in non-technical language and will appeal to a wide audience." Stiebing is Professor of History at the University of New Orleans.