NCSE Books

Evolution vs. Creationism 2nd Edition

by Eugenie C. Scott
Berkeley: UC Press, 2009. 351 pages.

From the publisher: "More than eighty years after the Scopes trial, the debate over teaching evolution continues in spite of the emptiness of the creationist positions. This accessible resource, now completely revised and updated, provides an essential introduction to the ongoing dispute's many facets — the scientific evidence for evolution, the legal and educational basis for its teaching, and the various religious points of view — as well as a concise history of the evolution-creationism controversy.

Reviews of Creationist Books

by Liz Rank Hughes
Berkeley, CA: National Center for Science Education, 1992. 147 pages.

Authoritative scientific critiques of 40 popular "creation science" books. These are the books that are most often cited as "proof" for scientific creationism or suggested for classroom use. From children's books to the Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter, the answers are here.