West Virginia

Stop climate change denial in West Virginia standards

West Virginia state board of education members have added climate change denial to the state's science standards, overriding the scientists, educators, and state education leaders who drafted Next Generation Science Standards.

Smith v. Jefferson County School Board

In a complaint filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia on May 12, 2015, Kenneth Smith contended that teaching evolution in West Virginia's public school constitutes "the propagation of religious faith" and that it hinders his daughter's ability to enter college and to become a veterinarian.

West Virginia Academy of Science

Be it resolved that the West Virginia Academy of Science adopts the following position statement on the relation between science and religion, and on their places in science classrooms in public schools.

In the modern world, science is one important way of organizing human experience. That there are other important ways is evident from the existence of diverse religions and other nonscientific systems of thought.