Scientist in the Classroom

Welcome to Scientist in the Classroom!

The Scientist in the Classroom program is a platform for teachers and scientists to collaborate as colleagues, peers and partners in the scientific enterprise to further science education. While the scientist can act as a resource for the teacher and students, the teacher and students can, in turn, help the scientist better understand how to convey their work to a larger, more diverse, and often skeptical audience.  By connecting early career scientists with educators, we hope to both enrich middle and high school students’ climate change and evolution education, and to give scientists a better understanding of the challenges faced when teaching these often socially contentious and misunderstood topics.

Scientist in the Classroom is a great opportunity to foster relationships among students, teachers, and the scientific community! If you are interested in becoming a part of this program, teachers please apply here, scientists apply here!

How it Works: 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Getting Started

Scientists and teachers start by filling out our simple online application. The information gathered from this will be used to best match teachers and scientists.

Step 2: Preparation

At the beginning of the semester, a webinar will be held for both the scientists and teachers to get to know the program, the NCSEteach team, and prepare you with the next steps. Both groups should check out the expectations for Scientist in the Classroom before signing up to make sure it is a good fit.

Step 3: Matchmaking!

At this point, you’ll be matched with your scientist or teacher counterpart! We’ll help you schedule an in-person meeting or phone call to introduce yourselves and start to plan the details of the first visit.

Step 4: Students, Teachers & Scientists Connect!

Our basic expectation is that the scientist will come into the class twice—but we’ve discovered that many pairs go far beyond this, and indeed, our hope is that once connected, the teacher-scientist pairs will make this program their own.

In the basic two-visit model, the first visit would be a “get-to-know-you” visit, with the scientist introducing him or herself, explaining their research in terms the students can understand, and telling the students the story of how they became a scientist. Both the teachers and scientists will be sent prompts to get the conversation started and suggested questions to ask the students to keep them engaged in the visit.

During the second in-class visit, the scientist will work with the teacher to “do science” with the students in the form of an activity or experiment related to climate change or evolution. For ideas about what activities to do with students check out our resources page or incorporate the scientist into an activity that is already planned for the class. Throughout the semester, between the initial in-class visit and the final activity visit, the scientist will stay in contact with the class through e-mail. Throughout the program, teachers and scientists will work in collaboration to plan the in-class visits and we’ll send you reminders on a regular to keep you on track.

Teachers Apply here

Scientists Apply here!