Intelligent Design Creationism

Padian's Expert Testimony

Kevin Padian's testimony and slides in the Kitzmiller case

The expert witness testimony given by paleontologist Kevin Padian was a highlight of the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial. His testimony and the slides he showed to the court are now available here, via the links at the bottom of his page.

The "Pandas" Drafts

An excerpt from Nicholas Matzke's article Design on Trial: How NCSE Helped Win the Kitzmiller Case. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 26(1-2), 37-44.

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Forrest's Testimony: "Creationism" and "ID"

Here are the now-famous word-count charts used by Barbara Forrest in her testimony in Kitzmiller v. Dover. These charts showed that the words "creation" and "creationist" were systematically changed to "intelligent design" and "design proponent" in the drafts for the book Of Pandas and People, in the aftermath of the 1987 Supreme Court case Edwards v. Aguillard .

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Critique: "Icons of Evolution"

Discovery Institute fellow Jonathan Wells is a major purveyor of misleading, inaccurate, and incorrect statements about evolution. His book Icons of Evolution (2000) is notorious for its distortions and false claims about evolution.

Here are resources to help you understand and respond to the misleading claims made by Wells, especially in Icons.

10 Answers to Jonathan Wells's "10 Questions"

Intelligent design creationist Jonathan Wells has written the insidious "Ten questions to ask your biology teacher about evolution." These questions try to encourage students to doubt and distrust evolutionary theory.

Here are 10 brief answers to those questions. Please feel free to copy and distribute this document to teachers, students, parents, and others.

In the sections below, Wells's questions appear in italics.

Expert Witness Materials

Expert witness statements.

Critique: Exploring "Explore Evolution"

In 2007, a new “intelligent design” book entitled Explore Evolution (“EE”) appeared on the market.

Explore Evolution is explicitly marketed to public school teachers. For example, at a 2008 Biola University symposium for science teachers a pitch was made for adopting Explore Evolution. The quote below comes from the symposium's website:

Proving ID = Creationism

Proving ID = Creationism

NCSE staff worked behind the scenes, using NCSE archives and subpoenaed documents, to find the missing links tying "intelligent design" to its creationist roots.

Hurst v. Newman

On January 10, 2006, Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a lawsuit on behalf of eleven parents against the school board, superintendent, and a teacher in the El Tejon School District in Lebec, California.