Creationist Museum

A Visit to the New Creation "Museum"

There has been much publicity about the new Creation Museum built by Answers in Genesis in northern Kentucky (greater Cincinnati). My wife and I decided to pay the museum a visit as part of a family vacation. We took the tour on May 29, 2007, the day after the Grand Opening. Despite continuing construction and a few incomplete exhibits, I can only describe the museum as impressive.

"Creation Museum" Moves Forward

On March 5, 2000, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported the end of a 3-year battle to oppose the construction of a "creation museum" in Boone County (see RNCSE 1999; 19 [2]: 5). Answers in Genesis (AIG), the evangelical Christian ministry headed by Ken Ham, is poised to start building the 95 000–square-foot museum/headquarters close to Big Bone Lick State Park, a state park rich in geological and paleontological resources near the state´s border with southern Ohio.

Going Back to Glen Rose

In the last issue of RNCSE, Randy Moore's account of the Creation Evidence Museum gave an overview and history of the facility and its founder. In October 2009, Randy wrote that he was going to have the opportunity to visit the museum again, so we asked him to write this follow-up.


I Can't Make This Stuff Up


Credibility, Profitability, and Irrefutability: Why Creationists are Building Museums

I was a junior in high school when I first read that Answers in Genesis was planning to build a $27-million–dollar creationist museum just minutes from my home. The creationism/evolution "debate" had long been an interest of mine, and when my like-minded father left a clipped newspaper article about the museum on my desk with the words "uh oh!" scrawled across the top, I was dismayed to read that my town would soon be embroiled in evangelical fervor.

Creation Evidence Museum

People driving along Highway 205 on their way to Dinosaur Valley State Park just outside of scenic Glen Rose,Texas, are often surprised to encounter the Creation Evidence Museum, located just a few hundred yards before the park's entrance (Figures 1, 2).

The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, Glendive, Montana

The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum FIGURE 1. At first glance, the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Glendive, Montana, looks like a typical natural history museum.

The Anti-Museum

An overview and review of the Answers in Genesis Creation "Museum" by Daniel Phelps President, Kentucky Paleontological Society