Race, Science, and Society

Eugenie C. Scott

Race, Science, and Society

Eugenie C. Scott
October 21, 2017

Holiday Inn Orlando International Airport
5750 T.G. Lee Blvd
Orlando FL 32822

A talk for FREEFLO 2017, the annual conference of the Florida Humanist association.

The concept of race in biology or anthropology refers to groups of populations in a geographic region that share some characteristics. As such, races, as open genetic systems, are neither permanent, stable, pure, nor are they discrete units. The concept of race to most Americans, however, includes most of this list, and thus has no scientific foundation. Yet socially, race is extraordinarily important in American society, and misunderstanding biology and genetics can have serious consequences for our society. How should we approach this subject to both reflect science as well as our social needs?


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