Indiana, 1977 - HB 1172

Date introduced: 
January 05, 1977
Main sponsor: 
epresentative Boys
Bill Number: 
HB 1172
Current Status: 
Retained at the Senate Education Committee and was not presented for further consideration by the Senate.

A bill that would not allow shchools to approve of any textbooks that presented theories of origins of man and the world unless equal space is given to other accounts such as the Book of Genesis, but cannot include "occult or satanical" accounts.

On January 5, 1977, Representative Boys introduced House Bill No. 1172. This bill was referred to the Education Committee which returned the bill and recommended that it pass. H.B. No. 1172 was approved by the House by a vote of 61 to 31. H.B. No. 1172 was trans­ferred to the Senate which referred the bill to the Senate Education Committee. This committee retained the bill and it was not presented for further consideration to the Senate.