Washington, 1974 - Initiative Measure No. 47

Date introduced: 
January 01, 1974
Main sponsor: 
Ward E. Ells­worth
Bill Number: 
Initiative Measure No. 47
Current Status: 
Petitions fell short of the needed 118,000 signatures.

An initiative demanding no teaching of evolution unless equal time is given to creation.

In 1974, an initiative petition sponsored by Ward E. Ells­worth of Issaquah, Washington, was circulated to solicit the en­dorsement of legal voters. Known as Initiative Measure No. 47, it was the intent of the petitioners that the initiative be transmitted to the legislature of the State of Washington at its next regular session, and that the legislature enact the proposed measure into law. Formu­lated outside the legislature and requiring that the initiative be brought to the floor for vote if it carried a certain number of signa­tures from citizens, Initiative Measure No. 47 was not brought to the floor for vote as the petitions fell short of the needed 118,000 signa­tures.