What We Do

Our mission

NCSE defends the integrity of science education against ideological interference. We work with teachers, parents, scientists, and concerned citizens at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that topics including evolution and climate change are taught accurately, honestly, and confidently. See our video "Welcome to NCSE: A Message from Executive Director Ann Reid". View NCSE's Annual Report for 2016 here.

Our work is made possible by our members and other generous donors.

Identify and Block Threats to Science Education 

  • Identify and respond to infringements of the integrity of science education via local community organizing and, if necessary, expert legal testimony
  • Review and provide feedback on science textbooks, curriculum, and standards
  • Community organizing through Action Alerts

Support Teachers


  • A free network for all science teachers, providing opportunities to learn from each other, access to vetted resources for teaching evolution and climate change, and advice on how best to address controversy in the classroom

Scientist in the Classroom:

  • Pairs local scientists with teachers to collaborate on classroom presentations and activities

Engage Scientists

Science Communication and Outreach training:

  • Presentations and workshops to provide scientists with practical tools to help them communicate science effectively and be effective ambassadors for science in their communities. For a list of available speakers, please see our speaker page.
  • Education outreach opportunities and training, via Scientists in the Classroom (see above), which connects scientists with local educators and students

Project Steve:

  • NCSE's "Project Steve" is a tongue-in-cheek parody of a long-standing creationist tradition of amassing lists of "scientists who doubt evolution" or "scientists who dissent from Darwinism"

Organize Communities

Science Booster Clubs:

  • Currently being piloted in Iowa, Science Booster Clubs provide a framework for community members to rally around local science education

Action Alerts:

  • When science education is threatened, NCSE members are informed and given concrete ways to protect science education in their towns or states

Survey Classroom Practices

National Surveys:

  • Periodically conduct national surveys of classroom teachers to find out how climate change and evolution are being taught


NCSE Archives in Oakland:

  • Open to scholars and researchers, NCSE's archives include the organization's administrative records and materials of historical, current, or future importance to the creationism/evolution controversy


Grand Canyon:

  • Every year NCSE explores the wonders of creation and evolution on a Grand Canyon river run accompanied by NCSE's Steven Newton