Introduction to the movie, "Creation"

Eugenie C. Scott

Introduction to the movie, "Creation"

Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D.
September 14, 2013

Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street
San Francisco, California

Eugenie Scott will introduce the lead-off movie, Creation at The Fifth Atheist Film Festival. Creation was directed by Jon Amiel, and stars Paul Bettany and Creation, the movieJennifer Connelly (real-life husband & wife) as Charles and Emma Darwin. The film is a partly biographical, partly fictionalised account of Charles Darwin's relationship with his eldest daughter, Annie (Martha West), as he struggles to write On the Origin of Species. John Collee wrote the script based on Randal Keynes's biography of Darwin titled Annie's Box.

Following Creation, the following will be shown:
Movie, The Revisionaries

  • The Revisionaries
  • Ron Goes To Heaven
  • Sophia Investigates the Good News Club
  • Kūmāré
  • Hug An Atheist
  • The Magdalene Sisters

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