Creationism Evolves: Anti-evolution 'Academic Freedom' Legislation

Steven Newton

Creationism Evolves: Anti-evolution 'Academic Freedom' Legislation

Steven Newton
April 14, 2013
Audre Lorde Room (upstairs)
Women's Building
3543 18th (at Valencia)
San Francisco, California

Following their victory in the Scopes Trial, creationists have suffered a string of unequivocal court defeats -- the Epperson v. Arkansas case, which overturned bans on teaching evolution, the Edwards v. Aguillard case, which ruled out 'equal time for creationism' requirements, and the Atheist Advocates of San Francisco logoKitzmiller v. Dover case, which ruled "intelligent design" to be just another form of creationism. Creationists have responded to these setbacks by intelligently crafting a new strategy: encouraging sympathetic state legislators to introduce anti-evolution legislation under the pretense of 'academic freedom.' Such bills twist the meaning of academic freedom to give legal cover for creationist teachers to use their public school classrooms as a personal pulpit from which to proselytize to a captive audience of students. Newton will show the origins of such bills, how they are distributed to legislators by creationist organizations, and explain why the carefully-crafted language in 'academic freedom' bills says one thing, but means quite another. Newton will outline ways for local pro-science organizations to resist this trend and keep public school classrooms free from creationist attacks on science.

Talk sponsored by the
Atheist Advocates of San Francisco

$6 Admission