Darwin's Vital Contribution to Religion

Peter Hess, Ph.D.George Smoot, Ph.D.David Seaborg

Darwin's Vital Contribution to Religion

Peter Hess, George Smoot, David Seaborg
February 24, 2013
Fellowship of Humanity Hall
390-27th Street
Oakland, California

Celebrate Darwin Day with a pot luck dinner commerating the birth of Charles Darwin. Speakers will include a Physicist who won the Nobel Prize, a Darwin expert, and a famous biologist.

Speaking will be Dr. George Smoot, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for finding the non-uniformity in the cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang.

Peter Hess, a leading expert on Darwin and the evolution-creation controversy with the National Center for Science Education, will speak on Darwin's vital contribution to religion.

The third speaker will be David Seaborg, cutting-edge evolutionary biologist and Darwin expert, who will discuss current evolutionary theory—what is known today, and the unsolved problems and controversies—dressed as Charles Darwin, and impersonating him.

After his lecture, David Seaborg will show fossils and live animals that illustrate evolutionary principles, and he will allow you to hold them—only if you want to.

This will be followed by a group discussion.

Finally, enjoy a pot luck dinner party with the speakers and many other interesting, stimulating, knowledgeable, and friendly people. Bring any dish to share.