The Bedrock of Science Communication: The Nature of Science

The Bedrock of Science Communication: The Nature of Science

Josh Rosenau
July 21, 2012

American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meeting
Point Loma Nazarene University
3900 Lomaland Drive
San Diego, California

In a session on "Communicating Earth Science to the Public," Rosenau will discuss the importance of the nature of science for uprooting creationist and climate change-denying misinformation.

Abstract: Discussing science as a process rather than simply presenting it as a collection of facts helps avoid common pitfalls in science education and science communication. Integrating key ideas about the nature of science into science communication and science education makes it easier for students and audiences to relate to new scientific ideas and to avoid seeing these ideas through the lens of social controversy. Providing the context of how scientists test their ideas provides the narrative drive that turns dry statistics into a thrilling story on film or in the classroom. By helping audiences see how scientific ideas are tested and become accepted by the scientific community, science communicators can guide audiences past social controversies surrounding scientifically uncontroversial topics like evolution and climate change.

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