A conversation with Eugenie Scott and Will Steger

Eugenie C. ScottWill Steger

A conversation with Eugenie Scott and Will Steger

Eugenie C. Scott and Will Steger
August 6, 2012
Cowles Auditorium
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Join Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Eugenie C. Scott, and polar explorer and Minnesota native Will Steger for a free public forum as they share their experiences and Will Steger Foundation logoperspectives on climate change education. In early 2012, NCSE launched its climate science initiative to support the teaching of climate science in public schools. Steger has traveled tens of thousands of miles by kayak and dogsled over 45 years, leading teams on some of the most significant polar expeditions in history. Steger has been an educator and authored several books on his expeditions and environmental issues, including climate change.

Event is part of the conference
Climate Science in Schools:
the Next Evolution
sponsored by the
Will Steger Foundation
and the
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Center for
Science, Technology and Public Policy

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