Darwin, Human Evolution, and Evolution Denialism

Darwin, Human Evolution, and Evolution Denialism

Eric Meikle, Ph.D.

February 14, 2010
Albany Community Center
1249 Marin Avenue
Albany, CA 94706

In Charles Darwin's time the direct evidence for human evolution, the fossil record, was very limited and fragmentary. Despite this Darwin was able to bring together a variety of other evidence and to propose a series of hypotheses about the course and causes of human evolution. Today, 150 years later, the evidence, both fossil and otherwise, for our ancestry is many orders of magnitude better. Some of Darwin's proposals have been confirmed, while others have been superseded due to newer or more complete data. The topic of human origins is consistently among the most popular and interesting for the general public. At the same time the concept of human evolution, and the data which support it, are the targets of the most vehement rejection by a broad range of creationists. Denying the evidence for human evolution is a central focus for all evolution opponents. The reasons for this help to illuminate the "controversy" about evolution as a whole.

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