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Creation, the 2009 film about Darwin starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connolly, will be available on DVD and for digital download on June 29, 2010.

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NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Massimo Pigliucci's Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk (University of Chicago Press, 2010) — featuring Pigliucci's account of "the bizarre story that unfolded in Dover, Pennsylvania, and culminated in one of the best examples of how science and philosophy of science can play a surprising and fundamental role in our courtrooms."

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NCSE is pleased to announce that a further batch of videos featuring NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott is now available at NCSE's YouTube channel.

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Joshua RosenauJoshua Rosenau

NCSE's Joshua Rosenau reviewed Elaine Howard Ecklund's Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think (Oxford University Press, 2010) for the Washington Post (May 30, 2010).

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New resource for scientists, researchers, educators, the press, and concerned citizens


Check out NCSE's new web page devoted to surveys, polls, and relevant reports. The aim is to track public opinion about evolution, creationism, religion, and related issues.

The page:

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"Friends of Darwin" take center stage


They came from Texas. Big, brawny men, with big, brawny brains. They had a mission: To make evolution education safe for kids throughout the Republic of Texas.

These three men—David Hillis, Gerald Skoog and Ron Wetherington—stood tall for evolution!

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[This file was available until June 22, 2010.]

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Daniel Radosh's Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture (Scribner 2008; Soft Skull 2010) — featuring Radosh's account of his visit to Answers in Genesis's Creation Museum.

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Receiving her honorary degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, on May 15, 2010, NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott addressed the graduating class, recommending, "Use sunscreen, and use your brains."

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Eugenie C. ScottEugenie C. Scott

A slew of videos featuring NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott have been recently added to NCSE's YouTube channel.

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NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott is to receive an honorary degree from Colorado College, on May 17, 2010, in recognition of her achievements in defending the teaching of evolution in the public schools, according to a May 5, 2010, press release from the university.

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