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One-stop shopping for evolution resources

In the last two years, the NCSE has reached out to members, the public, and the press, via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital tools. Keeping track of all these venues can be daunting. Fret no more!

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Steven NewtonSteven Newton

NCSE's Steven Newton contributed a guest column, entitled "Creationists have gotten clever, but there's still no debate over evolution," to the Christian Science Monitor (January 19, 2011).

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NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of In the Light of Evolution: Essays from the Laboratory and Field (Roberts & Company 2010).

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Selected content from volume 30, number 4, of Reports of the National Center for Science Education is now available on NCSE's website.

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Explore the Grand Canyon with Scott, Newton, and Gish! Seats are now available for NCSE's next excursion to the Grand Canyon — as featured in The New York Times (October 6, 2005).

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The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with statements from seven science departments at colleges and universities throughout the country.

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Eugenie C. ScottEugenie C. Scott

NCSE is pleased to announce the addition of a further batch of videos featuring NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott to NCSE's YouTube channel.

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There's still time to vote for NCSE, if you're a Working Assets/Credo Mobile customer.

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A milestone: there are now over 10,000 fans of NCSE's Facebook page. Why not join them, by visiting the page and becoming a fan by clicking on the "Like" box by NCSE's name?

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The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with statements from the Australian Museum, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and the Museum of the Earth.

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