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Dome of the US Capitol via Wikimedia Commons

Writing in the Guardian (September 28, 2016), two members of Congress — Mike Honda (D-California, District 17) and Edward J. Markey (D-Massachusetts) — incisively presented the case for their Climate Change Education Act, currently under consideration in both houses of Congress.

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The Wyoming state board of education unanimously voted to approve a new set of state science standards on September 23, 2016, according to the Sheridan Press (September 24, 2016).

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NCSE's Josh Rosenau contributed a column about the NCSE/Penn State survey (PDF) of climate change education in the United States to TES (September 19, 2016).

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Headline from NSEE reportAccording to the latest National Surveys on Energy Environment, a twice-yearly survey conducted by the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College, "Just 15% of Americans say that there is no solid evidence that the Earth is warming, down from 24% a year ago, and the lowest in the NSEE's h

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Chart from Yale Project on Climate Change Communication"One in seven Americans think it is definitely (7%) or probably (9%) true that 'God controls the climate, therefore people can't be causing global warming," according to a July 26, 2016, note from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

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Barbara ForrestWriting in the Baton Rouge Advocate (July 7, 2016), Barbara Forrest rebutted a series of misleading claims about the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008.

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Climate Change in the American Mind: March 2016 cover

Seven in ten Americans think that global warming is happening, and slightly over half think that, if it is happening, it is mostly owing to human activity, but only about one in ten know that nearly all climate scientists agree that global warming is happening as a result of human activity. Those were among the key findings of Climate Change in the American Mind: March 2016 (PDF).

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Senate Bill 3074, introduced in the U. S. Senate on June 16, 2016, would, if enacted, authorize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a climate change education program.

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Portland Tribune logoAfter the Portland, Oregon, board of education adopted a resolution on climate change education that called (PDF) for the elimination of instructional material "that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities," NCSE's Josh Rosenau wrote a column for the Portland Tribune (June 2, 2016) to put the resolution in context.

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NCSE recognizes Donald Prothero, Katharine Hayhoe, Dana Nuccitelli, John Abraham, Andrew J. Petto, Paula Spence, and Skeptical Science for their tireless work defending and promoting science education.

In our modern, Internet-drenched world, misinformation travels at the speed of light. Whether in a webinar or IM'ing, in a Facebook debate or an online classroom, science education is unceasingly attacked, distorted, watered down, or just plain ignored.

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