In a May 15, 2018, letter (PDF) to Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, the Association for Science Education — representing the United Kingdom's community of science educators — expressed its opposition to the changes to the Arizona draft science standards that compromised the treatment of evolution.

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"School Superintendent Diane Douglas is apparently behind a rewrite of science standards for all Arizona school children that would delete references to evolution," reports KPHX (May 18, 2018) in Phoenix.

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As a draft of new science standards for Arizona are undergoing public comment, "experts are alarmed" about changes imposed by staffers at the department of education, KNAU in Flagstaff reports (May 14, 2018) — and evolution is affected.

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A new lawsuit challenges a chain of public charter schools in Arizona for their religious advocacy — which reportedly includes creationism. In a September 7, 2016, press release, Americans United for Separation of Church and State explained, "Heritage Academy, which has campuses in Mesa, Queen Creek[,] and Laveen, uses a textbook in its mandatory American government class for seniors that teaches students religious concepts such as creationism, divine judgment after death and the Ten Commandments. The public charter school also teaches religious principles through other class curricula."

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Arizona's Senate Resolution 1001, which would, if enacted, express the Senate's recognition of February 12, 2016, as International Darwin Day, was passed on a 5-1 vote by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources on February 15, 2016.

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Alyson Miller was one of NCSE’s Grand Canyon Teacher Scholarship winners. She teaches biology, zoology, physical science, and plant science at Nashua High School North, in New Hampshire. Teachers can apply for a scholarship on next year's trip, and you can donate to the scholarship fund or sign up for the trip now.

I blame the olivine.

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Deer Creek Falls

Josh Rosenau and I have just returned from NCSE’s annual rafting trip down the Colorado River and through the spectacular geology and biology of Grand Canyon. Our two motorized boats were packed with an eclectic mix of scientists, teachers, NCSE members, and people who wanted the ultimate experience in Grand Canyon in the company of those who love science.

But this year there was a twist.

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Andrew SherwoodRebecca RiosArizona state representatives Andrew Sherwood and Rebecca Rios, sponsors of the resolution

House Resolution 2002 (PDF), introduced in the Arizona House of Representatives on February 9, 2015, would, if enacted, express the House's recognition of February 12, 2015, as International Darwin Day.

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