"Controversial issues" legislation in Arizona dies


Arizona's House Bill 2002, which would have required the adoption of a code of ethics for public school teachers with a provision that could have adversely affected science education, died on February 22, 2019, when a deadline for House bills to be considered by their House committees passed.

As Ars Technica (January 29, 2019) explained with reference to a spate of similar measures, "the bills would call for teachers not to advocate on any topics that have appeared in the platform of a state political party. ... Which is problematic, given that a large number of state party platforms specifically mention evolution and climate change." 

Besides HB 2002, four other such measures have been introduced in 2019: South Dakota's House Bill 1113 and Virginia's House Joint Resolution 684, both defeated in committee; South Dakota's House Concurrent Resolution 1002, withdrawn by its chief sponsor; and Maine's House Paper 433, both still active.