NCSE's annual report for 2017


Cover of NCSE's annual report for 2017NCSE's annual report for 2017 is now available (PDF) on NCSE's website. The report briefly reviews recent challenges to the integrity of science education, discusses the national expansion of the Science Booster Club and the new initiatives planned by the NCSEteach program, and ends with a financial report — especially useful for those considering donating to NCSE! — and acknowledgment of NCSE's generous supporters.  

As NCSE's executive director writes in her introductory letter to the report, "Science teachers help their students wrestle with critically important questions: What counts as evidence? What is fake and what is real? As we struggle as a society with the implications of unlimited access to information of uncertain provenance and unequal accuracy, the kind of critical thinking that a good science education provides has never been more important."