A last-ditch assault on climate change education in Idaho


Idaho's House Concurrent Resolution 60 (PDF), introduced by the House Education Committee on March 12, 2018, would, if enacted, delete a single standard — ESS 3-4-1 — from the proposed science standards currently under legislative review.

 ESS 3-4-1 explicitly mentions environmental impacts of energy use, including "air pollution from burning of fossil fuels." As NCSE previously reported, the House Education Committee previously voted to remove ESS 3-4-1, along with all of the "supporting content" material throughout the standards, even though ESS 3-4-1 was not among the performance expectations standards rejected by the committee, and then by the legislature, in 2017. 

The Senate Education Committee, however, voted to approve the standards as submitted, and any changes to the standards would require agreement from both chambers of the legislature before it adjourns on March 27, 2018.