NCSE in Climate Fwd:


Climate Fwd: logoNCSE was featured in Climate Fwd:The New York Times's e-newsletter "with stories and insights about climate change" — for February 21, 2018: "climate change is presented as a controversial subject in a significant number of American classrooms, according to research from the National Center for Science Education."

Responding to a reader question's "How are American schools addressing climate change?" the e-newsletter relied on the 2016 NCSE/Penn State survey (PDF) that surveyed 1500 public middle and high school science teachers. NCSE's Glenn Branch commented, "They're teaching about climate change ... but a substantial portion of them are saying it's a hoax."

Discussing the importance of climate change to state science standards, Branch explained, "the districts that do get affected are going to be the smaller, more rural[,] and more conservative ones, where the teachers are going to take the pulse of their community and realize, 'I'm going to get blowback if I teach about climate change.'"