CNN on teaching climate change amid controversy


CNN logoA story from CNN (June 14, 2017) discusses "the confusion that the climate change issue has presented to many schools across the country. Although 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming is linked to the burning of fossil fuels, a majority of middle and high school teachers are not aware of this consensus."

The story relied both on interviews with teachers on the front lines, such as Eric Madrid in Texas and Ann Akey in California, and spokespeople for the California State Education and Environment Roundtable, the National Science Teachers, and NCSE, particularly the NCSE/Penn State national survey (PDF) on climate change education.

Improvements to state science standards make a difference, the story observed. But the last word came from NCSE's Glenn Branch: "at the end of the day, when the classroom door closes, it's really going to be the individual teacher who determines whether or not climate change is going to be properly presented or not."