Farewell to Josh Rosenau


Josh Rosenau

NCSE bids farewell to Josh Rosenau, who joined NCSE as a Programs and Policy Director in 2007. Equipped not only with his substantive knowledge of biology but also with his experience resisting creationist assaults on science education in Kansas, he was particularly valuable to grassroots activists across the country, testifying before the Texas state board of education in 2011 and 2013, and conducting a series of webinars for science education activists. Rosenau also significantly contributed to a number of projects at NCSE, including the addition of climate science as a focus, the creation of NCSE's blog, the teacher scholarships on NCSE's Grand Canyon excursions, and the development and analysis of the NCSE/Penn State survey (PDF) of climate change education in the United States. A gifted writer, he published articles on evolution and climate education in venues ranging from the Washington Post to Trends in Microbiology. All of us at NCSE wish him the best in his new endeavors.