Francis Collins Nomination: Expert Sources


Francis Collins Nomination: Expert Sources

With the recent nomination of Francis Collins to head the NIH, there's been a lot of talk about the potential conflict between the man's religious views and his work as a scientist...and his potential impact (positive or negative) on the NIH.

Need a clear-eyed take on the issues? The NCSE has two experts you can turn to: Josh Rosenau, biologist and NCSE project director, and theologian Peter Hess, the NCSE's Director, Religious Community Outreach and the author of Catholicism and Science. Both can clearly delineate the issues for your readers.

Some other useful resources:

* Peter's recent OpEd in the Washington Post on religion vs. science.

* Recent video interviews with our Executive Director, Dr. Eugenie Scott, just posted on our YouTube channel:

Are science and religion incompatible?

"To say nothing of God..."

Revelation and reason

* Finally...the Science and Religion section of our site.

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