Climate Change Biologist Joins NCSE


Minda Berbeco joins NCSE's new climate change initiative

Biologist Minda Berbeco joins NCSE to expand its climate change education initiative.

Berbeco comes to NCSE from UC Davis, where she was a post-doctoral scholar conducting research on climate change and agriculture. An expert on the carbon cycle and climate change, she has taught, written, and presented talks on the effects of climate change on forests and carbon and nitrogen cycling. Berbeco brings to NCSE a knowledge of climate change policy, greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation in agriculture and forests, and related topics.


"I have long respected NCSE's defense of evolution education and I am thrilled that the organization has taken up climate change" says Berbeco. "I'm even more thrilled to be part of NCSE's new climate change team."

From droughts to rising sea levels, climate change will have global effects. "Ignoring the science won't change the realities of climate change", says Berbeco. "We need a fully informed public—especially students, teachers, journalists, politicians—who have a solid grounding in climate science basics".

Berbeco's expertise as a scientist, teacher, and science communicator will help NCSE tackle the challenges facing climate change education.


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Climate change education specialist joins NCSE

Video: "An NCSE for Climate Change?"

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