NCSE in Denial101x


John CookJohn Cook

A just-launched first-of-its-kind massive open online course on climate change denial, "Making Sense of Climate Science Denial," is already reaching over ten thousand people around the world — and NCSE is represented. 

The course material contains interviews with researchers and activists from around the world, including NCSE's Josh Rosenau, Mark McCaffrey, and Eugenie C. Scott, as well as Ben Santer, a member of NCSE's board of directors.

Writing in the Guardian (April 21, 2015), Dana Nuccitelli, one of the course instructors, explained, "The goal is for the students to come out of the course with a stronger understanding of climate science, myth debunking, and the psychology of science denial that's become so pervasive and dangerous in today's world."

The coordinator of the course is John Cook, fellow at the University of Queensland's Global Change Institute Climate Communication and the creator of the popular climate-change-denial-debunking website Skeptical Science.

Offered through the EdX MOOC platform, the "Making Sense of Climate Science Denial" course — nicknamed Denial 101x — is free and open to the public; a verified certificate of completion is $100. The course began on April 28, 2015, and lasts for seven weeks.