Antiscience bill dies in Indiana


Indiana's Senate Bill 562 died in the Senate Education and Career Development Committee on February 25, 2015, when the deadline for Senate bills to have their third reading in the Senate passed.

If enacted, SB 562 would, in effect, have allowed public school teachers to miseducate their students about science — and would have prevented state and local educational authorities from intervening.

The only topic mentioned in the bill was human cloning, which frequently appears alongside biological evolution and climate change in such bills; SB 562 is, however, apparently the first such bill to mention only human cloning.

The bill's sponsors were Jeff Raatz (R-District 27) and Dennis Kruse (R-District 14). Kruse has a long history of sponsoring antievolution legislation, including House Bill 1356 in 2000, House Bill 1323 in 2001, and Senate Bill 89 in 2012.