Wyoming churches endorse NGSS


The Wyoming Association of Churches endorsed the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards, according to the Casper Star-Tribune (June 16, 2014). In a June 4, 2014, press release, the organization wrote that it "strongly supports the advancement of an education system founded upon 21st[-]century evidence-based science standards, like NGSS." 

Mary Walker, a Jackson representative of the Wyoming Association of Churches, told the newspaper that it is a right of parents and students to agree or disagree with what's being taught in classrooms, but it is not the state's or any one parent's right to restrict from children the opportunity to learn about evolution or other topics, like climate change.

As NCSE previously reported, a footnote in Wyoming's budget for 2014-2016 precludes the use of state funds "for any review or adoption" of the Next Generation Science Standards, in part owing to their treatment of climate change. A committee convened by the state board of education will consider how to develop a new set of state science standards.