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Evolution: Education and Outreach

NCSE's Glenn Branch's "Going Ape: Interview with Brandon Haught" (PDF) was just published in Evolution: Education and Outreach. Of Haught's book Going Ape, Branch writes, "It is the only study of controversies over the teaching of evolution that concentrates on a single state over the course of almost a century," adding, "But Going Ape isn't a solemn treatment of interest only to academics. A born storyteller, Haught offers interesting, lively, and well-paced accounts of the events he describes, providing a satisfying survey of a controversy with deep historical roots that continues to affect science education even today."

Founded in 2008, Evolution: Education and Outreach seeks to promote the accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience. Starting with its first issue, NCSE regularly contributed a column under the rubric "Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education." In 2013, the journal became completely open access, and NCSE is now continuing to contribute "Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education" columns under the new system. The first five volumes of Evolution: Education and Outreach are now freely available as well.