ASTE adds its voice for evolution


ASTE logoThe Association for Science Teacher Education, which promotes leadership and support for professionals involved in the education and development of teachers of science at all levels, recently added its voice for evolution.

In its position statement on teaching biological evolution, ASTE expresses its support for "the effective teaching of evolution in primary, secondary, and post- secondary science classrooms, and informal science learning environments, on the grounds that the science of biological evolution provides the foundation for all modern biology," and its opposition to "any effort to undermine the teaching of evolution at the local, state, or federal level, as these efforts seek to confuse teachers, students, and members of the community at large about the validity of key scientific theories, the nature of science, and the integrity of scientists." 

ASTE's statement is now reproduced, by permission, on NCSE's website, and will also be contained in the fourth edition of Voices for Evolution, NCSE's collection of organizational statements supporting the teaching of evolution.