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Evolution: Education and Outreach

"Old wine in new bottles" (PDF), a review of Jeffrey P. Moran's American Genesis by NCSE's Glenn Branch, was just published in Evolution: Education and Outreach. According to the abstract, Moran's book "examines the Scopes trial in particular and the antievolution movement in general through the prisms of gender, region, and race. The diversification, of both ideology and strategy, of antievolutionism and the current impact of antievolutionism on scientists in academia are also discussed. Overall, despite a few problems, American Genesis deserves a place on anyone's list of the top 10 books on the Scopes trial and the antievolution impulse in America."

Founded in 2008, Evolution: Education and Outreach seeks to promote the accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience. Starting with its first issue, NCSE regularly contributed a column under the rubric "Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education." In 2013, the journal became completely open access, and NCSE plans to continue "Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education" under the new system. The first five volumes of Evolution: Education and Outreach are now freely available as well.