Polling climate in Virginia


A new poll (PDF) conducted by the Old Dominion University Social Science Research Center included a question about climate change — and while a majority of respondents accepted the fact that human activity is a major contributing factor in climate change, the responses varied to a remarkable degree by political preference.

Asked, "Do you believe human activity is a major contributing factor in climate change?" 62.7% of respondents said yes, 34.5% said no, and 2.7% said that they didn't know. There was a political split in the responses: 66.4% of respondents supporting the Republican candidate for governor answered no, while 88.5% of respondents supporting the Democratic candidate and 68.1% of respondents supporting the Libertarian candidate answered yes.

According to the report, "The poll was conducted using a random digit dial landline and cell phone number sample of 670 likely voters with quotas by Congressional district. Results were weighted by phone use and by demographic characteristics (income, gender, and age). The margin of error for the survey was 5 percent."