Polling climate in rural Nebraska


"Most rural Nebraskans think global climate change is definitely happening," according (PDF) to the Nebraska Rural Poll. But "[r]ural Nebraskans are less likely to believe human activity is a significant cause of climate change this year than they were five years ago and are more likely to think current climate change is due to normal climate patterns."

Asked, "Do you think that global climate change is happening?" 25% of respondents said definitely yes, 48% said yes somewhat, 1% said definitely no, and 14% said that they didn't know.

Asked about the claim "[i]ncreased carbon dioxide and other gases released into the atmosphere will, if unchecked, lead to global climate change," 59% of respondents agreed, 17% disagreed, and 25% neither agreed nor disagreed. In 2008, 67% agreed.

Asked about the claim "[h]uman activity, including industry and transportation, is a significant cause of climate change," 54% of respondents agreed, 20% disagreed, and 26% neither agreed nor disagreed. In 2008, 65% agreed.

The poll was conducted by mail to 6320 randomly selected households in the 84 non-metropolitan counties of Nebraska (all but Cass, Dakota, Dixon, Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy, Saunders, Seward, and Washington counties); there were 2317 responses (a 37% response rate). The margin of error was +/- 2%.